The COPM for Your Business or Organization

How do you identify the impact of your services and manage outcomes in a clear, evidence-based, standardized way?

  • Are your clients meeting their goals?
  • Are your therapists achieving their targets?
  • How are your clients progressing?
  • Are your clients ready to return to work or other valued roles?
  • How satisfied are your clients with their outcomes?
  • When is your work completed?
  • When has your organization fulfilled its obligations?
  • When have your services been successful?

The COPM gives you data to answer all these questions — and not only that, it addresses outcomes using your clients' own words. The COPM measures the problems in daily living — how your clients perceive their functional performance. With the COPM, your staff and your clients are speaking the same language — one both can understand. The COPM helps clients identify and rate almost any aspect of everyday living. It gives you an individual benchmark to gauge the effectiveness of your services and your staff.

COPM Web App

The COPM App

The COPM App allows your staff to complete the measure using a laptop or tablet and to create a brief, informative, single-page report that is compatible with electronic health and client records.

Unit Price / Measure 100 copies / yr for 1 therapist 1,000 copies / yr for 10 therapists 10,000 copies / yr for 100 therapists
App $0.20 $0.17 $0.15

The COPM in hard copy or PDF

The COPM is available in English and French. The English version of the manual and measure are available in paper and digital PDF formats. The French version of the manual and measure are available in digital PDF format.

Licensing the COPM for Electronic Health Records

Licensing the COPM for Electronic Health Records (EHR)

The COPM offers a non-exclusive license to organizations to include a version of the COPM directly in their EHR. This involves organizations signing a licensing agreement with COPM Inc. and paying a fee which would permit the organization to replicate the COPM Measure into their EHR system.


The COPM Learning Module

The COPM Learning Module is a comprehensive online course designed for new users of the COPM as well as those who wish to refresh their knowledge.

Unit Price / Therapist 1 therapist 10 therapists 150 therapists
Learning Module Individual subscription $33.00 per year Organizational subscription $16.50 per therapist per year Organizational subscription $2.83 per therapist per year
All products offer volume discounts for corporate clients, keeping the price of the COPM very affordable for your business.   Contact Us for more information about purchasing the COPM for your business.

Features of the COPM

  • Client-Centered: It uses your clients’ words and ratings to measure outcomes.
  • Easy to use: So intuitive clients and therapists immediately understand it.
  • Widely applicable: Can measure almost any aspect of everyday life, for any type of client, in any setting.
  • Useful for Initial screening or case management: You can identify an issue, set a benchmark and measure outcomes all with the same tool.
  • Able to measure service effectiveness: Perfect for evaluation.
  • Flexible: Applicable to all ages and genders and across cultures and languages.
  • Backed by 25 years of research: Supported by more than 500 peer-reviewed scientific studies and publications.
  • Multi-format: You can use pen and paper, or the secure web-based app.
  • Transferable: You can use it with all major electronic records.
  • Secure: Meets the highest privacy standards, using two-factor authentication.
  • Used across the globe: In over 40 countries and in more than 40 languages.