COPM Learning Module

This learning module is comprised of five chapters and is designed for new users of the COPM as well as for those who wish to refresh their knowledge.

The COPM is an individualized, client-centred outcome measure designed to capture a client’s self-perception of performance in everyday living, over time. Originally published in 1991, it is used in over 40 countries and has been translated into more than 40 languages. Throughout the chapters you will meet a number of different clients who will help to illustrate the use of the COPM. The core value of the authors in developing this beginner learning module is that the COPM supports high quality, client-centred, occupation-based practice.

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Chapter 1

Introduction to the COPM

An introduction to the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure and how you can use it to support your practice.

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Chapter 2

Theoretical Underpinnings: Client-centred Practice

Client-centred practice is an overall orientation to practice, rather than a specific theory or approach.

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Chapter 3

Theoretical Underpinnings: Occupation-based Practice

Learn about occupation as you reflect on your own occupational nature and the occupational nature of your practice.

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Chapter 4

Interviewing, Administering and Scoring the COPM

The five steps of the COPM and a demonstration of how the measure fits into practice.

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Chapter 5

COPM Research Evidence

Information regarding the initial testing and subsequent research on the psychometric properties of the COPM.