Recent Research Papers about the COPM

A search of recent literature on the COPM produced these three articles, each of which used the COPM as an outcome measure in program evaluation:

  1. Davis, R. & Rodd, R. (2014). Proving the effectiveness of community occupational therapy in the equipment and adaptation setting using the Canadian Occupational Therapy Measure. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 77(2), 91-95.
  2. Persson, E., Lexal, J., Rivalo-Fischer, M., & Eklund, M. (2014) Occupational performance and factors associated with outcomes in a musculoskeletal pain rehabilitation program. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 46(6), 546-552
  3. Gimeno, H., Tustin, K., Lumsden, D. Ashkan, K., Selway, R. & Lin, J-P. (2014) Evaluation of functional goal outcomes using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure following Deep Brain Stimulation in childhood dystonia. European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, 18(3), 308-316.

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