Anne Carswell PhD, FCAOT

Anne Carswell has been a committed and passionate occupational therapist for 50 years. She received her occupational therapy and graduate education from McGill University and her doctoral degree from the University of Toronto.

Anne has worked as a clinician with children and then as the Director of an occupational therapy department helped to develop and implement programs in mental health, injured workers, acute and long term care and an outpatient clinic for children with learning disabilities. Her last clinical experience was as a community occupational therapist in psychogeriatrics, focusing on maintaining persons with dementia in their own homes and consulting to long term care institutions.

Her research mirrored her clinical experience and is exemplified through her publications. She initially studied children with chronic physical and intellectual disabilities and their families. Then her research included studying older adults living in the community with cognitive losses, pain, and physical dysfunction. She developed and tested an observational measure of function in persons with dementia.

She began academic career teaching occupational therapy students about children, their development and occupational therapy interventions. Subsequently, given her community experience and research, she taught courses on occupational therapy and the care of the older adults with dementia and frailty. She was the Director of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia for five years and on her retirement from Dalhousie University she was an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the School of Occupational Therapy.

One of her most fortunate professional opportunities was to collaborate with five other brilliant, committed and energetic occupational therapists who form the COPM research team and she counts this collaboration as one of her most important and gratifying contributions to the occupational therapy profession.

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